Norm & Ginger
Enter The Hidden

Book one

There is a secret hiding inside eleven-year-old Becky’s remote Vermont farmhouse. Can she and her new puppy interpret the warnings and solve a compelling mystery that has been hidden from her family for generations before it’s too late?

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About the Author

Betty Fudge graduated from N.C. State University and has enjoyed a career in healthcare, sales, and consulting. Inspired by her childhood spent exploring the woods with a pack of neighborhood dogs by her side, she writes stories about adventure, friendships, and mysteries. 


Paul Villatico M.Ed.

"Betty Fudge has created a new magical journey that will impassion the next generation of readers.  A journey that rivals some of the greatest books of our time. Masterfully written for those ready to take on a new and exciting adventure."

Paul Villatico M.Ed.
Head of School (Retired)

Kimberly Gale Campbell

"You won't want to put this fantasy book down until you are finished. A strange day at school is the beginning of an unfolding web of mysteries, with lots of twists and turns that keep you turning the pages.  A young girl, a puppy, and four beautiful, mysterious stones help to drive this adventure. You'll love this story!"

Kimberly Gale Campbell
Author of the nationally regarded cookbooks, PlantPure Nation Cookbook and PlantPure Kitchen, and Head of Culinary Development and Education at PlantPure, Inc.

John Carenen (short)

"Fudge's smooth, polished writing pulls the reader along and into a fantastic world of good and bad with subplots to enjoy. I hope Book Two comes swiftly."

John Carenen
Prize-winning author of the Thomas O'Shea mystery/thriller series, and "Keeping to Himself."

Susan Diamond Riley

"Norm and Ginger Enter the Hidden is a magical, mysterious adventure that will leave young readers clamoring for the next book in this exciting new fantasy series."

Susan Diamond Riley
Award-winning author of The Sea Island's Secret and The Sea Turtle's Curse