Betty Fudge graduated from N.C. State University and has enjoyed a career in healthcare, sales, and consulting. Inspired by her childhood spent exploring the woods with a pack of neighborhood dogs by her side, she writes stories about adventure, friendships, and mysteries.

Her debut middle grade novel, Norm and Ginger Enter the Hidden is the first book in the series and is based on stories she told her children when they were young. She loves a story that sparks imagination, has elements of danger and involves animals. Her favorite place to find inspiration when writing is outdoors with a cup of hot Darjeeling tea and a pair of binoculars.

She lives in Oxford North Carolina with her husband, Chip, and their English Mastiff, Lilly. When their grown children Kaitlyn and Jordan come for visits their dog pack expands to include Momo the mini-dachshund, Vail the Saint Berdoodle and Harlow the Standard Poodle. That’s when things get really fun!

In addition to hanging out with my family I like to go on long walks and identify trees, plants and flowers. I am a bird nerd. If I see a bird in our yard that I don’t recognize I will obsessively research until I figure it out. In the spring before the birds start nesting I will leave piles of Lilly’s fur out for them to line their nests. My favorite bird is a tie between a tufted titmouse [they are so curious and friendly] and a wood thrush [they have the most beautiful song].

My favorite stress reducer is baking sweets, then eating the sweets.

While writing the early draft of Norm and Ginger Enter the Hidden a giant praying mantis perched outside on my office windowsill most afternoons. He stared at me for freakishly long periods of time, and he gave me lots of inspiration for the character Rothschild in the book.