Paul Villatico M.Ed.

“Betty Fudge has created a new magical journey that will impassion the next generation of readers.  A journey that rivals some of the greatest books of our time. Masterfully written for those ready to take on a new and exciting adventure.”

Kimberly Gale Campbell

“You won’t want to put this fantasy book down until you are finished. A strange day at school is the beginning of an unfolding web of mysteries, with lots of twists and turns that keep you turning the pages.  A young girl, a puppy, and four beautiful,...

John Carenen (full)

“Any novel that has a “Seeing Eyeball Crystal Ball Sandwich Cookie” as part of the story is too much to resist. And author Betty Fudge makes the reader glad to take in her Book One of this delightful series. Her protagonist, Becky, is pulled into...

Susan Diamond Riley

“Norm and Ginger Enter the Hidden is a magical, mysterious adventure that will leave young readers clamoring for the next book in this exciting new fantasy series.”