Paul Villatico M.Ed.

“Betty Fudge has created a new magical journey that will impassion the next generation of readers.  A journey that rivals some of the greatest books of our time. Masterfully written for those ready to take on a new and exciting adventure.”

Kimberly Gale Campbell

“You won’t want to put this fantasy book down until you are finished. A strange day at school is the beginning of an unfolding web of mysteries, with lots of twists and turns that keep you turning the pages.  A young girl, a puppy, and four beautiful,...

John Carenen (short)

“Fudge’s smooth, polished writing pulls the reader along and into a fantastic world of good and bad with subplots to enjoy. I hope Book Two comes swiftly.”

Susan Diamond Riley

“Norm and Ginger Enter the Hidden is a magical, mysterious adventure that will leave young readers clamoring for the next book in this exciting new fantasy series.”